Smart Wi-Fi pet feeder

with built-in camera


Feed and interact with your pet while you are away

As much as you may love your furry friend, no one likes those early wakeup calls wondering if it has been properly fed or not. Now it’s time to relax. Just let the Smart Wi-Fi feeder from Nexxt Solutions do the work for you. This innovative feeder makes it easy for a cat or dog to get its meal, always on time and perfectly customized to fit its nutritional needs. This device not only promotes healthier eating habits by establishing consistent feeding times, but also allows users to control the frequency and the amount of food dispensed at any time, and from anywhere using a smartphone or table.

Smart Wi-Fi pet feeder

Pet Feeder with camera A plethora of smart features in a sleek and modern design make this pet feeder unique. The built-in camera lets you see what your pets are up to in real time, and even remind them when it’s dinner time by playing back your own message previously recorded in the feeder. A convenient way to feed the ones you love, and keep them happy, stress-free when you can’t be there.

Nexxt Home app

Download the Nexxt Home app from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Control all Nexxt Home products all under one app

Automatic night vision

Integrated IR LEDs allow clear night vision monitoring in complete darkness with an effective range of up to 26ft

Motion sensor

Advanced motion detection with a complete view of any space